About Mike Drummond

Nowadays, the increasing amount of competition that business are facing is pushing them in finding ways on how they can empower themselves with a competitive advantage that would allow them to grow and prosper. However, in order to reach this goal most companies require some outside thinking, and this is where I come in.

My name is Mike Drummond I am a recognized business advisor for over 15 years now, I live in Brisbane with my wife and my two kids, but end up spending most of my time traveling across Australian and eventually overseas.

What Do I Do?

My role is to provide valuable advices to business owners in how they can straighten their business in order to increase revenue and expand. In order to do so I either provide seminars or a private consultation. The main difference between this two approaches is surely the cost, in fact the price charged to individuals attending a seminar is much lower than for an individual business owner. The second difference is related to the content of the information dispatched, in fact while I aim at delivering valuable information in both scenarios I will not be able to tailor them to a precise company in need during a seminar as this is requires a private business consultation.

A business advisor will mostly allow you to figure out key information such as:

  • business diversification
  • understanding which part of a business is not working
  • brand creation


How Did I Get Into Business Advising?

I decided to become a business advisor right after my experience in a major energy company operating mainly in the southern part of the country. The reason of this career transition is because I felt stuck in my job and wanted to experience business in different shapes and scenarios. Therefore after gaining experience in the corporate world and making some valuable business contacts I left my usual 9 to 5 job and started this new business adventure as an independent consultant. First I started with clients I had met during my previous work experience, leveraging my network has permitted me to get to have my name know and being referred to other business owners that had heard about the importance of receiving an out of the box thinking. For instance my key to success was to tailor my business thinking to the geographic environment the firm was operating in and tailoring to it a strategy that would increase efficiency.

Tips For Success

As a business advisor you will be able to select and focus on a set of precise area of expertise or a single one. When taking this decision always consider what is the one in which you feel the most comfortable. This has permitted me to concentrate on my core skills and improve on the.

Among those areas of expertise the ones that are expanding at a highest rate are:

  • marketing consultancy
  • strategic consultancy
  • performance consultancy


Deciding to switch to a business advisor role has probably been my one best choice as I enjoy leveraging the knowledge I have acquired during the years in bringing success to a business owner. And I strongly believe that the Australian companies can benefit from external thinking in order not to run the risk of remaining stuck in their own sometimes inefficient ideas that can cause a brand to become obsolete.

I hope you enjoy my blog.